We’ll be honest with you, we know that drain cleaning isn’t the most glamorous or sexy task in the household.

When you think of the (pretty gross) mixture of dirt, food, hair, make-up, toothpaste, and just about anything else that could be making its way down your drain on a daily basis, it becomes immediately apparent why regular, professional cleaning of your drains is a must.

Although there are a few things you can be doing to give your drains a fighting chance – such as a weekly flush with boiling water – there is no substitute for a proper clean by a professional. 


1. Keep your home smelling fresh!

Although we don’t want to put you off your lunch, the mixture of items above sticking to the inside of your pipes can begin to develop a pretty potent smell over time.

Using a professional drain cleaning rescue dramatically reduces the risk of ‘that smell’ getting into your home. Once it does you can spend weeks emptying bins and cupboards without ever realizing that the true culprit is under your sink.

2. Reduce costs down the road

If a drain is left long enough and starts to clog, there’s very little chance it’s going to get better of its own accord. Typically, a blockage will get worse and worse until your dealing with a flooded area as well as a blocked drain.

Don’t cost yourself a fortune further down the road.

3. Keep your living spaces healthy

A build-up of bacteria in your sinks and basins isn’t a great start for anyone looking to maintain a healthy home. Kitchens and bathrooms are breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, make sure they’re not overtaking your drains.

Call Drain Rescue today to organize a clean of the drains in your home and thank yourself later.

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